'67 Special Super Lead

100-Watt British Blues/Rock Amplifier

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Looking at the legendary guitarist that started it all, we come home to the tone that inspired a countless number of young players to pick up the guitar. Although the guitarist's career was tragically brief, the impact is still felt to this day. This guitarist was the original "mad scientist" - pushing the available gear of the day immediately to the limit. The result was a sonic soundscape unlike anything anyone had ever heard before. There was distortion, sustain, depth – the tone had it all, and everyone wanted to have the tone.

The SonicTone '67 Special Super Lead 100 takes the standard 50-watt version and upgrades it to new heights. Using custom-wound transformers that match the transformer specs and construction methods of the day, this amp delivers towering tones of psychedelic classic rock that pay homage to his tone. The amp uses a quartet of KT66 power tubes, which where the stock tubes of the time, giving it a smoother mid-range response, while maintaining a tight low-end. However, if you yearn for more of the classic mid-range bite of EL34s, or a more vintage vibe of 5881s, you can select those for your power tubes instead.

And like the 50-watt version, the 2 channels are in parallel like the original circuit, but instead of having a set of 4 inputs to jumper together, there's only one input and the channels are controlled via the footswitch or front panel switches. This allows you to use any combination of them blended together. Like the original circuit, channel 1 is voiced darker and channel 2 is voiced brighter, and it allows you to dial in the perfect mix between the two to get the tone you want.

Recommended Speaker Pairing: Celestion 60-watt Vintage 30s for a well-balanced sound, or 25-watt Greenbacks/65-watt Creambacks for accentuated overdrive.

Available as a head.

Power Tubes:
Tube Set:

Price: $2,900.00 USD

Features & Specs

  • 100-watt fixed-biased British-voiced, classic rock amplifier
  • 4 x 12AX7; 4 Octal Power Tubes (KT66, EL34 or 5881)
  • 2 channels with independent parallel gain control (footswitchable)
  • Shared 3-band EQ with presence
  • A bright switch on channel 1
  • Tube-driven, buffered FX loop
  • Master volume
  • Negative feedback selector switch
  • Half power switch
  • 16, 8, 4 ohm impedance selector switch
  • Birch plywood cabinet with finger-jointed construction
  • AC Input: US standard IEC jack at 120V/60Hz


30.00" W x 10.75" H x 9.00" D, 40.00 Lbs


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