Legends Series

Fitting Tributes to Guitar Legends.

If the SonicTone line-up is a homage to our favorite amps, the Legends Series of amplifiers is dedicated to the players that made those amps famous. These signature designs are some of the most highly sought-after tones in guitar history. They are each loud, bold and glorious in their own right, bringing those tones right to your fingertips. Consider these amps the "unauthorized biographies" of these unapologetic players.

Distilling much of the mystique, myths and modifications that have long since surrounded these fabled amp circuits, the Legends Series of amps are built from the ground up with the player each amp honors in mind. The guitarist that the '67 Special Super Lead is built for needs no introduction, as the amp exudes towering psychedelic tones from the late 60's and early 70's. The '78 Special is the embodiment of guitar playing experimentation and virtuosity for its player. And the Snakecharmer gives us a throwback to the slithery, seedy tones of L.A. in the '80s where its player and band cut their teeth.

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