Tones from Yesterday to Today

The available SonicTone amplifier product line covers an extremely wide range of styles and tones, from the earliest days of blues and rock n roll to today's high gain beasts. Offering 12 different models across 4 series of amplifiers, there's bound to an amp that fits your taste. The Vintage Series takes you back to the sounds of yesteryear with some great clean and crunchy amplifiers. The Classic Series visits an era when tube amps really started coming into their own with some higher gain voicings and new features. The Modern Series brings it home with our high gain models that pack a punch for today's most demanding guitarists. And last but not least, the Legends Series dedicates its line up to the tones of some of the best guitar players in rock history.

All amplifier combo, head and speaker cabinets are made with high quality birch plywood using finger-jointed construction for the best structural and sonic applications. All combos and extension cabinets are loaded with premium 12" Celestion speakers.

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