High-Gain Rock Amplifier

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While the high-gain revolutionary war wages between the Loyalist and the Patriot, the SonicTone Mercenary stands alone in the middle. As its name suggests, it is an opportunistic circuit and can be voiced in either a British-style or American-style. In contrast to the other Modern Series amps, it is a no-frills, 2 channel high gain amp. And channel 2 has two separate footswitchable volumes. It's available as a EL34 model (50W or 100W) or a 6L6 model (60W or 120W.) The EL34 model's preamp is inspired by the Loyalist; The 6L6 model's preamp is inspired by the Patriot. The Mercenary is a simple amp that gets right to the point, getting the job done while delivering blistering high gain tones.

Recommended Speaker Pairing: Celestion 25W Greenbacks for 80's rock & metal; 75W G12Ts for modern metal.

Available as a 50-watt or 60-watt head or 2x12 combo. Also available as a 100-watt or 120-watt head.

Tube Set:
Speaker (Combo Only):

Price: $2,400.00 USD

Features & Specs

  • Fixed-biased, high-gain amplifier
  • 4 x 12AX7
  • 2 channels with independent gain controls, footswitchable
  • Rhythm and lead volume controls for channel 2 (footswitchable)
  • Shared 3-band EQ
  • A bright switch on channel 1
  • Buffered FX loop, bypassable
  • Presence & resonance controls
  • Master volume
  • Half power switch
  • 16, 8, 4 ohm impedance selector switch
  • Two (2) 12" Celestion 65-watt 8 ohm Creamback speakers, wired for 16 ohm (stock combo version only)
  • Birch plywood cabinet with finger-jointed construction
  • AC Input: US standard IEC jack at 120V/60Hz

50-Watt Model

  • 2 x EL34
  • Silver Faceplate

60-Watt Model

  • 2 x 6L6
  • Black Faceplate

100-Watt Model

  • 4 x EL34
  • Silver Faceplate

120-Watt Model

  • 4 x 6L6
  • Black Faceplate


50-Watt Head (EL34):
    30.00" W x 10.75" H x 9.00" D, 33.5 Lbs

60-Watt Head (6L6):
    30.00" W x 10.75" H x 9.00" D, 29.5 Lbs

100-Watt Head (EL34):
    30.00" W x 10.75" H x 9.00" D, 44.5 Lbs

120-Watt Head (6L6):
    30.00" W x 10.75" H x 9.00" D, 42.5 Lbs

50-Watt 2x12 Combo (EL34):
    30.00" W x 20.75" H x 10.00" D, 55.5 Lbs

60-Watt 2x12 Combo (6L6):
    30.00" W x 20.75" H x 10.00" D, 52.5 Lbs


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Mercenary Reviews

5 out of 5 stars based on 1 review
Christopher Pons
New Orleans
December 2, 2023
You want this amp!

Gain for days! This amp sounds awesome and gives the competition a solid run for their money! Has the exact features I’m looking for, top-shelf build quality on turret board (no crappy circuit board mess here folks), and is perfect for gigging. Especially love the 2 footswitch-able master volumes on the dirty channel, perfect for solo boosting!

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