Payment Policy

Full payment, including shipping and handling, is due at the time of purchase. All products are made-to-order. Once the build is completed, the customer will be notified and given a final invoice as a receipt and a tracking number for shipping.

Order Status Policy

Currently, most builds take about 5-6 weeks, but that is subject to change based on parts supply and availability, as well as the current production schedule. If any parts are delayed by any suppliers, or the production schedule is full, the build may take longer. The customer will be promptly notified of any changes or updates to the build timeline.

Shipping Policy

Amps and cabinets are shipped via FedEx. They are well-packed, insured and require a signature for delivery receipt. Tracking information will be sent to the customer as soon as the order is shipped.

Warranty Policy

Every amp and cabinet is protected with a limited, 2-year warranty for any and all defects with the build workmanship and parts, excluding tubes, transformers and speakers. The warranty does not cover general wear and tear, misuse or abuse, damage from liquids (water, alcohol, etc.), acts of God or unauthorized modifications (including, but not limited to, improper speakers, tubes or biasing.) Any modifications made by the owner or a technician that causes damage to the amp will void the warranty. The owner is responsible for all warranty shipping costs. Once the warranty work is completed, the customer will be notified and sent a final shipping invoice. The owner then is required to pay the shipping invoice to have the repaired amp shipped back to them. Returned warranty shipping will be insured and will require a signature.

Service Policy

If an amp's warranty has expired and the amp requires service - and a qualified local service technician is not available - we can still service the amp for you at our current hourly service rate. Please contact us so that it is possible to determine what the nature of the issue is. From there, a course of action will be determined and you will be given an initial estimate. If the owner agrees to the initial estimate, they are then responsible for all service shipping costs and must ship it insured. Once the amp has been received, the owner will be notified and the amp will be evaluated and repaired. If anything is discovered that is outside of the scope of the initial estimate that requires additional labor or materials, the owner will be notified with an adjusted estimate. In that case, once the owner approves the adjusted estimate, repair work will resume. Once the repair is completed, the customer will be notified and sent a final repair invoice. The owner then is required to pay the total balance of the service invoice, plus the shipping costs, to have the repaired amp shipped back to them.

If there is an adjusted estimate that the owner does not approve, service will not continue and a final invoice of any labor or materials incurred up to that point will be sent, along with the return shipping costs. The owner then is required to pay the total balance of the invoice, plus the shipping costs, to have the amp shipped back to them.

All returned service shipping will be insured and require a signature.

In the event a qualified local service technician is available to repair you amp, they may contact us with any questions they may have. We are more than willing to give them any documentation, schematics or general knowledge to help them repair the amp.

Please note, we only service SonicTone brand amplifiers. We currently do not service any other brand of amplifiers at this time.

Returns & Damage Policy

SonicTone Amplification does not accept returns on any functional and non-damaged product. All products are thoroughly reviewed, examined and tested prior to shipping. In the event there is a major issue or damage due to the shipping process, the customer has 7 days to contact SonicTone, report the issue and send the item back.

If the item arrives damaged, please do NOT attempt to fix it yourself. This could void the possibility of a claim as it would be difficult to determine what was damaged by shipping and what may have been damaged by the attempted repair. Please document the damage and start the claim process as soon as you can within the initial 7 day window. Suggested methods of documenting the damage are photos, video or audio recordings in addition to general notes.

If the item is damaged due to the shipping process, we will submit a shipping insurance claim to make all parties whole. The claim funds will then be applied towards repairing and restoring your item and then shipping it back to you.

If you fail to report any damage within the initial 7-day window, then it will be evaluated to determine if the item is eligible for warranty repair.

Examples of return claims that are generally supported:

  • The amp was significantly damaged either cosmetically, electronically or mechanically during the shipping process.
  • The amp has a severe malfunction, for example:
    • The amp does not turn on at all.
    • The amp turns on but makes no sound or has very low output.
    • The amp turns on and makes unacceptable noises or sounds like a loud hiss, hum, pop or squeal.

Examples of return claims that are typically not allowed or supported:

  • Something came loose that can easily be re-affixed or tightened.
  • Any relatively small cosmetic mark or blemish.
  • Any damage that is determined to NOT be caused by the shipping process.
  • Any modifications made to the item by the owner, a technician or any other persons.
  • Buyer's remorse.*

* - There is enough content, documentation and videos on each of the amp models to help customers make the best informed purchase decision. We want our customers to be very happy with their purchases. Please do your research to find the best amp that matches your style before ordering an amp.

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