'67 Special

50W British Blues/Rock Amplifier

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The SonicTone '67 Special is a throwback to beginning of British rock n roll. The story of how it all started across the pond is well documented in the sound of records that were produced in the 1960's and 1970's. British guitar players developed their style around this new raucous, crunchy sound they were getting from newly developed amplifiers that had never before heard harmonics and sustain.

With a set of modern features like the negative feedback and rectifier selector switches, this amp can actually give you a wide range of tones. On the "smooth" NFB setting with the tube rectifier, the amp will sound looser and more compressed like the first British amps from 1962. On the "punchy" setting with the solid-state rectifier, the amp will sound tighter and more aggressive, like the British amps that started appearing in the mid-to-late 1960's. Also, the stock version comes with a pair of EL34 power tubes, but you can choose KT66 or 5881 power tubes for more of a early vintage vibe with a smoother mid-range response.

In addition to that, the 2 channels are in parallel like the original circuit, but instead of having a set of 4 inputs to jumper together, there's only one input and the channels are controlled via the footswitch or front panel switches. This allows you to use any combination of them blended together. Like the original circuit, channel 1 is voiced darker and channel 2 is voiced brighter, and it allows you to dial in the perfect mix between the two to get the tone you want.

With all of these options, this amp really represents the beginning of a glorious era of amped-up blues and rock n roll.

Recommended Speaker Pairing: Celestion 60-watt Vintage 30s for a well-rounded sound, or 25-watt Greenbacks/65-watt Creambacks for accentuated overdrive.

Available as a head or a 1x12 combo.

Power Tubes:
Tube Set:
Speaker (Combo Only):

Price: $2,250.00 USD

Features & Specs

  • 50-watt, fixed-biased British-voiced amplifier
  • 3 x 12AX7; 1 x GZ34; 2 x Octal Power Tubes (EL34, KT66 or 5881)
  • 2 independent, parallel channels, footswitchable
  • Shared EQ with presence
  • Bright switch on channel 1
  • A clean/crunch switch
  • Master volume
  • Buffered FX loop, bypassable
  • Tube/solid-state rectifier switch
  • Negative feedback selector switch
  • Half-power switch
  • 16, 8, 4 ohm impedance selector switch
  • One (1) Celestion 12" 60-watt 16-ohm Vintage 30 speaker (stock combo only)
  • Birch plywood cabinet with finger-jointed construction
  • AC Input: US standard IEC jack at 120V/60Hz


    24.00" W x 10.75" H x 9.00" D, 31.00 Lbs

1x12 Combo:
    24.00" W x 20.75" H x 10.00" D, 45.00 Lbs


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'67 Special Reviews

5 out of 5 stars based on 1 review
Darren Bergeron
May 20, 2023
Another great Sonictone product.

As a three-peat customer, what can I say? Nick's products are top notch, professional, hand built boutique masterpieces. Want a vintage "Plexi" inspired amp? Look no further! This is the real deal without forking over 5-digit prices! Watch the demos, decide for yourself. Nick's amps are built one at a time, by Nick himself. The guy knows how to build an amp! And it's not some cheap amp kit you buy online that doesn't come close to the vintage amps that so many of our favorite artists made amazing music on. There's tons of R&D that went into making every model available. And as a bonus you get modern features to go along with a vintage platform. My only complaint is I don't have one of every model SonicTone offers! Get yourself a SonicTone product and you won't be sorry!

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