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The SonicTone product line-up is an homage to the history of rock and roll tube amplifiers, as well as a passion-driven effort to provide the best sounding, modern hand-built amplifiers on the market. With a wide range of available amplifiers and cabinets, there is something available to suit every player's taste.

SonicTone is dedicated to help you find your perfect tone.

Hand-built in the U.S., in New Orleans, LA, SonicTone amplifiers and cabinets are designed and built with high quality materials and components. Our tube amplifiers are carefully crafted and hand-wired, each with a specific set of features to give them their own unique voice. And our cabinets are made of high quality birch, using finger-jointed construction for the best structural and sonic applications.

Legends Series
The biggest tones, all in your hands.

The Legends Series of amplifiers pays tribute to some of our biggest guitar heroes with faithful recreations of rock history's most highly-sought after tones.

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SonicTone Legends Series

Modern Series
High-gain that's hand-built.

The Modern Series of amplifiers is our flagship line-up. If you're looking for searing, harmonically rich distortion in your arsenal of tone, look no further.

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SonicTone Modern Series

Classic Series
Get to the heart of rock n roll.

The Classic Series of amplifiers really harnesses the classic amps from the 70's and 80's and expands on those tones and features. If your style is rock n roll from those decades, then one of these amps should be right up your alley.

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SonicTone Classic Series

Vintage Series
Step back in time.

The Vintage Series of amplifiers is a throwback to where it all started. If your style falls anywhere between the blues, 50's rock n roll, or 60's classic rock, then these amps have you covered.

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SonicTone Vintage Series

SE Series
Pure class A tone.

The SE Series of amplifiers is for the true tube amp aficionados out there. They are simple, low-wattage single-ended designs with pure class A tone and harmonics.

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SonicTone SE Series

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