Royal Crown 30

30W British Rock Amplifier

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Based on arguably the "true" original British amplifier, the SonicTone Royal Crown 30 (or RC30) brings an absolute classic tone to the SonicTone line up. The journey of this style of amplifier is an interesting one. It started as a clean, crisp amp, powering pop rock groups in the late 50's and early 60's. Then, as other new options arose in the British amplifier market, this amp evolved to keep up with the times. By the time the 1970's rolled around, this amp could not only hold its own against its British rivals, it had a dominate market share on the stage of some of the most famous bands of all time - contributing to those bands unique, stand-out sound. It truly captures the tone and spirit of that sound in a small, but powerful package.

Don't be fooled by its humble, classic origins - this amp is a titan of rock tone - delivering everything from chime-y cleans to rich harmonic overdrives.

Recommended Speaker Pairing: Celestion 25-watt Greenbacks for accentuated overdrive, or a 15-watt Alnico Blues for a more vintage, mellow sound.

Available as a head or 2x12 combo.

Tube Set:
Speaker (Combo Only):

Price: $2,400.00 USD

Features & Specs

  • 30-watt, cathode-biased British-voiced amplifier
  • 4 x 12AX7; 4 x EL84; 1 x GZ34
  • 2 independent channels, footswitchable
  • Bright switch on channel 1
  • Hot/cool switch on channel 2
  • Tone cut control
  • No negative feedback
  • Master volume
  • Tube-driven buffered FX loop, bypassable & footswitchable
  • FX loop series/parallel switch with send and return controls
  • Tube/solid-state rectifier switch
  • Half power switch
  • Two (2) Celestion 12" 25-watt 8-ohm Greenback speakers, wired for 16-ohm (stock combo only)
  • 16, 8, 4 ohm impedance selector switch
  • Birch plywood cabinet with finger-jointed construction
  • AC Input: US standard IEC jack at 120V/60Hz


    30" W x 10.75" H x 9" D, 32 Lbs

2x12 Combo:
    30" W x 20.75" H x 10" D, 55 Lbs


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