The SonicTone story is a story of passion and commitment to building great amps with great tone. It started as a humble quest to understand where that tone came from in the historic tube amps we know and love. With that, there was a drive to learn everything under the hood of our favorite amps from over the years. That knowledge has been leveraged and placed directly into each and every SonicTone design. But, these amps and designs are not just mere clones or copy cats. The goal was to use the knowledge as the foundation, but to also add new improvements and more modern features that today's players have become accustomed to.

The SonicTone Mission

The SonicTone Mission is simple.
Provide high quality, hand-built guitar tube amplifiers that are attractively priced & made in the USA.

Why go the "boutique amp" route? There are quite a few "boutique" amp shops out there, and in most cases, they deliver well-built, great sounding amplifiers. These are amps that just have "that sound" - and it's something more than what a mass-produced amp could give you. However, that usually comes at a premium that makes it prohibitive for hard-working players out there to own a boutique amp that really speaks to them. Because of that, boutique amps are often seen as a "luxury" item.

We want to change that at SonicTone. We understand there's an audience out there that is collectively burnt out on the standard offerings of the large-scale, mass-production amp companies and are looking for something else. They would love to have a well-built boutique amp, but know that the price point might be out of their reach. We believe we've priced our product line in a way that is competitive and attractive for those players out there looking for something more, but without breaking the bank.

How SonicTone Started

Nick Sagona, Founder of SonicTone AmplificationSonicTone was started by Nick Sagona in the fall of 2020. After a number of years tinkering in his workshop, doing tremendous amounts of research and development, he came up with the idea of SonicTone and the designs of the SonicTone line of amplifiers. These designs were largely based off of amps he had built that were being used by himself and his friends in live settings and in the studio. The response to those amp prototypes was great and that continued to fuel his passion. It was enough that Nick decided to launch SonicTone.

I think a pretty apt analogy for what we do as amp builders is that we are like chefs in the kitchen. These tube amps, their circuits and their features have been proven "recipes" for many years. Amp builders come along and put their own fresh spin on a classic "recipe" that attracts an audience that happens to be looking for something new, and the rest is history. In an attempt to follow that blueprint, I arrived at the handful of circuits that have my own "spin" on them in the hope to attract some interest from anyone looking for something fresh.

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